Our Computers


We solely custom design and build our Computers from parts which are top-of-the-line on the market. Thus we make sure that our Computers are very fast, reliable & future proof.

Our Computers fit 100% of your needs!

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Our Systems:

A “Tower”-System is only the Computer on its own, no Mouse, Keyboard, Screen etc. is provided. These Computers are perfect to upgrade/replace an older or faulty Computer.
A “Power”-System contains everything. It’s a perfect starter-kit or replacement for old gear. Our Power-Systems come with: Computer, Monitor, Speakers, Keyboard & Mouse.

For Business use:
We provide all our Business / Office Computers with Windows 7 Professional for maximum functionality in a Server-based environment. For maximum security, all our Business Computer have Kaspersky AntiVirus pre-installed.

We install this set of frequently used Software on all our Computers:
+ Microsoft Security-Essentials
+ Adobe Acrobat Reader
+ Google Earth
+ K-Lite Audio- & Video Codec-Pack
+ Libre Office
+ Picasa Photo Suite
+ Skype
+ All latest AntiVirus-Definitions,  Windows- and Driver-Updates

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